To celebrate Vietnamese Women’s Day on October 20th, Saigon Soccer Centre (SSC) has launched the “Kicking the Ball into the Kitchen” campaign, featuring a series of meaningful activities to honor the beauty of Vietnamese women. Let’s explore “Kicking the Ball into the Kitchen” with SSC!

1. Overview of “Kicking the Ball into the Kitchen”

“Kicking the Ball into the Kitchen” is a campaign within the framework of SSC’s exciting month of October celebrations. It aims to convey the unique values derived from the core message and the common culture of the community, celebrating the beauty of Vietnamese women within the family. “Kicking the Ball into the Kitchen” has allowed parents to witness the growth of these “young warriors.”

Hôm nay con thấy mẹ

2. “Kicking the Ball into the Kitchen” and Its Exciting Activities

The message behind “Kicking the Ball into the Kitchen” is conveyed to parents and children through two main activities.

2.1. “Today I Saw Mom”

Through the distribution of “Today I Saw Mom” forms, SSC aims to encourage children to fill in these forms with the most meaningful messages for their mothers. These forms are the link that SSC hopes to create between mothers and children on this October 20th. The photo-sharing competition “Today I Saw Mom” is held online to discover the most meaningful forms, favored by many, so that SSC can award special gifts to mothers – the women who are always ready to sacrifice for their children.

Hôm nay con thấy mẹ 2

2.2. Kids Learn to Cook

“Kids Learn to Cook” is an offline event organized at SSC Wellspring Saigon. Young players will take on the role of homemakers to help their mothers shop through various market stalls. At each stall, children will complete different football challenges to earn “ingredients” for their shopping. Additionally, activities such as lucky draws, football training, and more contribute to creating a truly festive day right on the football field.

Hôm nay con thấy mẹ 3

3. The Purpose of “Kicking the Ball into the Kitchen”

Through the “Kicking the Ball into the Kitchen” campaign, SSC aims to be a companion in educating children about sharing.

Children will gain a greater awareness of October 20th and the daily sacrifices their mothers make in their lives, helping them mature in their thinking and care more about their mothers. Children will experience the feeling of sharing family chores with their mothers through a football-themed shopping event, and their care and sharing for their mothers will gradually develop alongside their personal growth.

In addition, SSC serves as a bridge between mothers and children, helping children express their concern and share their feelings – things that are sometimes difficult to put into words – through the “Today I Saw Mom” forms. This is also a reminder from SSC to children never to forget their mother’s efforts.

4. What “Kicking the Ball into the Kitchen” Brings

The “Kicking the Ball into the Kitchen” series of activities has been a great success, with enthusiastic participation and warm responses from both mothers and children. The program has welcomed the active involvement of children in the offline event to bring gifts to their mothers, along with numerous lovely messages on the “Today I Saw Mom” forms, widely shared across social media.

Above all, “Kicking the Ball into the Kitchen” has brought laughter and joy to the children participating in the event and happiness to the mothers who see their children growing up.

SSC greatly appreciates the support of everyone and considers it the motivation to continue developing and organizing activities that bring significant value to the community.